Current Activities

Unveiling Our New Look

We are happy to unveil our new branding, with our new logo being the focus of AYGN’s brand identity – the transformation that AYGN has undergone since it’s inauguration in Kenya, March 2017. AYGN has grown considerably in size, and we felt the need to establish a new brand identity that conveys our ideals in a better way. The new brand also represents who we are as young people a.k.a. the “morning generation”.

Our new colourful logo graphically symbolizes all that we do already, and all that we strive to achieve.  Incorporating elements of African landscape and culture, the logo has the image of an African map inside the globe which traditionally represent our position in the world. This also signifies a source of life, vitality and nurturing amidst the beauty of our continent.

The colour swirls around the core represents diverse AYGN components: bold, growing, unique and progressing. The atom shape is reminiscent of building blocks of nuclear technology and the world, underlining the signification of African nuclear industry identity.

A big THAK YOU to all our stakeholders and partners. We are who we are because of your unwavering support. We look forward to taking this working relationship to a higher level.